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28. October 2016 - Zunfthaus zur Meisen:
"Welche Zukunft für Europa?"
The Rt Hon Lord Owen "The dysfunctional Eurozone"
Prof. Michael Wohlgemuth "Wirtschaftsverfassung statt Wirtschaftsregierung!"



Progress Foundation is a public interest foundation governed by Swiss Law and domiciled in Zurich. Its foundation status is subject to supervision by the Swiss Federal Department of the Interior.

Progress Foundation aims at furthering and disseminating research on important subjects, particularly those broadly affecting social, political and economic issues. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation sponsors conferences and workshops, publishes books and papers and confers scholarships and educational grants.

Progress Foundation is fully independent in political, economic and ideological respect.

Progress Foundation is tax-exempt. This means that Progress Foundation itself is exempt from paying property and income tax and that any grants or donations in its favor from Swiss citizens can be deducted from taxes payable by the donor, depending on the donor’s Canton of domicile. (Progress Foundation would be pleased to provide information on the extent of tax exemption applying to the specific case involved).

In accordance with the Foundation’s charter and its history, the board consists of Swiss and U.S. citizens, with the majority being Swiss. The board’s present composition is set forth on the attached sheet.